About Us

Provider of Quality Roofing Solutions in Newton and Burlington areas

Minimizing roof-related issues always requires the help of a professional roofing contractor. Consulting with an experienced roofing contractor ensures that the right solution is provided to your specific roofing problem. Experts argue that when it comes to choosing a residential or commercial roofing contractor, one must bear in mind that the contractor must be licensed and insured, and more significantly, already has the reputation of providing quality roofing solutions in your area. In the areas of Newton and Burlington, Corolla Roofing is one of the most reliable roofing companies, providing professional and reliable roofing solutions.

Corolla Roofing is a family owned residential and commercial roofing contractor specializing in new roofing installation, roof repairs, and exterior waterproofing, for more than 30 years. Our roofing system services are performed by our team of reliable foremen and roofers with their state of the art installation methods and equipment, and managed by efficient project managers. Together, we assure our customers of providing top notch roofing solutions without compromise, but still within their budget.

What makes us different from other roofing contractors is that we are committed to providing roofing system solutions that are more environment-friendly. In addition, when conducting roofing installations, roof repairs, and waterproofing services, we make sure that our employees are well protected and trained to avoid personal injuries or property loss. Our safety initiative is aimed at eliminating and controlling the hazards in the work place.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable roofing contractor for your roofing problems, whether it’s roof installations, roof repairs, or roof waterproofing, Corolla Roofing is the right contractor to contact. We are pleased to service the areas of Burlington and Newton. We take pride on providing quality roofing services alongside our green efforts to protect the environment. Visit our website now or call us at (617) 561 1333.